Adult Family Homes

In 2022, Chileda Institute, Inc. opened its’ first adult family home. The adult family home is licensed to serve up to three men or women aged 18 years or older with developmental disabilities, mental illness and/or dually diagnosed. This home, situated in Onalaska, Wisconsin is a split-level home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, laundry facilities, a full kitchen and dining room, and living room. The house is equipped to accommodate non-ambulatory individuals with considerations.

The overall goal of this home is to provide a living environment that maximizes the client’s abilities to reach their greatest potential. Community integration is the corner stone of programming for the clients living in Chileda’s Adult Family home. Depending on the client’s individual service plan, community integration could include participating in community, religious or cultural events and activities, vocational opportunities, and recreational and leisure activities. The home is situated in an area that offers a wide variety of community engagement resources to include grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and libraries. The Onalaska YMCA, Aquatic Center and Omni Center are all 2 miles from the home. The city of La Crosse is 6 miles from the home and offers even more opportunity for community engagement. Each client will be given the opportunity to be an active member of their community by participating in activities that meet their identified goals.

Each client will have a goal-oriented Individual Service Plan that will be developed and reviewed with the client, AFH Manger, interdisciplinary team, guardians, families and others involved in their lives.

Providing transportation to community activities will be a collaborative effort between the client’s parent/guardian and the Adult Family Home staff. If transportation is provided by staff, a company owned and insured vehicle will be utilized.